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A large majority do know many of the problems faced by Indians living in rural areas and many have no personal security and many come from the country's top-heavy military family, the Bollywood Starry-Eyed Indians. The fact that most Indians go in search of employment or other jobs that won't leave them destitute and hungry is of great significance to the majority, especially in that context where the majority of Indians live in villages for the same reason as most Indians and other rural people. The people who find no work and take on debts are also disproportionately poor because they come from countries that offer the same income level. This has serious implications to many people in various cities and in the Indian states. In a separate column, Ananth Kumar Sahoo described the issues of poverty in India as a long-standing problem within Indian education, a problem which may be seen to be exacerbated in the media. The current situation of Indian students with no social support and underdeveloped social skills are a clear indicator of the general lack of professional training in the country, and the rise of 'the Indian elite. In his book, The Indian Dream, Sahoo says that over the past decade, the Indian elite have started to become an increasingly influential force in public policy. This means that the educational situation in the country is changing.