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Sara, you know how to orgasm or not? It's very difficult to keep those two together like this to start. So you should also look at something like this and try to keep that vibrator in place until you climax. I think it's important for you, baby, that your orgasm should be with the right person. Not just anyone. And I think it's very important for me, too. My partner is such a gentleman. I have seen and heard more than 20 guys (laughs) out there enjoying this wonderful feeling between myself and their partner. He is so gentle, is kind, and is very responsive. And it takes a certain respect of him, he's never scared or offended at you, so you can only let this relationship develop through love and hard work in your body and mind. The next step we're going to be looking at is where we go with sex in general. Sara, when we were in college, we talked about how important it is to be with someone close to you. We were just beginning your relationship for a reason I'd explain to you. We are the kind of couple where we just share a bed, but we don't feel very happy and not together. Even though I think we're the closest thing there is to actually feeling closer than people that we're closest with.