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The final result is no good and pretty boring at best. The porn I made in college can't find a home somewhere, so I don't recommend it. I was hoping to find my way into erotic porn when I was in graduate school, as you get an opportunity to get sexually explicit, then go on the move when you want, or you don't. I ended up becoming so obsessed that I had to learn all of the ways I could make this material on my own. The first place it came out in, was in the erotic and non-porn categories (where there are not any options). I also have to say, I highly recommend the Fantasy/Porn categories as well. Many of the girls I worked with had a lot of fun with that category, for example the brunettes and the chubby guys. And I did all of the modeling for the girls, in a way that was like no other porn site I've seen. Some of the girls I worked with had a little more power over all of their outfits, or tried to control what was shown on the screen, which was to be preferred to what they thought or wanted. For example, if I saw that my first shirt was tattooed sexy, I was on top.