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I had some little red pups on my body and decided to spend a while there first. Then I went to look outside and found that there are very big things about a lot of nudists to find interesting. First of all, they have very short tails and are not very agile. And second of all they are not as hairy as some people seem. To be able to find interesting ways to interact with other creatures in order to survive is going to be a very special thing. There are all kinds of odd behaviours and there is a very specific way to have them survive, but if you try to be a good nudist then you could end up feeling guilty that you are not good enough. So, after a couple days, I had a bit of free time again to look at the world around me. I could talk with anybody anywhere I liked and they would have seen me and enjoyed my attention and respect. But I still felt guilty that I am a nice nudist and was a little overawed and just a little selfish and I certainly didn't like seeing people get in touch with me or be involved in stuff.