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I want to know how it looked when I was at her age. I want to be with her, to be ready for you. Hearing herself say that again, Nora started screaming. I can't believe I need to say that one more time. Why are you laughing like I did? she grumbled. Hina! she chortled. Oh please, you are laughing too much. My life is not fair, she cried. So, you're saying something in class today because your grades have fallen too high in the last one semester, she protested. No, that isn't. I'm doing it to get to like the books. I mean I read for the exams a lot and I went to school here in the middle of summer. I read so much when I was in my teen years, and I love the books. But my grades haven't gone up at all. It gets hard to read and my grades have been worse. And my grades are a lot more competitive than they have been recently but it's too late. It's too late now, it's too late already. You're still thinking that if we were dating each other, we wouldn't have this problem. And I'm making a fool of myself and I'm sorry.